NOTES: You can use the timetable generator to create your own basic timetable for the semester – key in the codes of the modules you’ll be taking, and the timetable generator will fill in the main classes that you have to attend. It won't include classes that you can choose but you can add those to your basic timetable once you have signed up for seminars etc (academic subjects each make their own arrangements for seminar sign-up).

You can also use the timetable generator to check for clashes – for example, if you're considering changing a module,you can put it into the timetable generator with the other modules you'll be taking, and make sure that the new module won't clash before you request the change.

Timetable Generator
Enter your modules separated by commas e.g. CSCU9IY,PHIU913,BUSU9EN
Please note, students in the Faculty of Social Sciences, doing Applied Social Sciences CPD courses, Housing Studies, or Social Work,
please click here for your timetable.