Welcome to the University's Agresso On-line Payments facility

You may use this facility to pay invoices existing on your account or to make advance payment of your tuition fees, (Payment on Account).

When you access this facility you will be taken to a web payments login screen where you will be asked to key your User ID (your network id) and password (network password). Once you have keyed your id and password you should then click the log on button and this will take you straight to your own account. Details of all unpaid invoices will appear in your current items screen.

Paying an unpaid invoice

  • All transaction lines are retrieved - ones that you must pay, as well as ones which any sponsor or award agency may be paying on your behalf.
  • All transactions are automatically marked with a tick in the 'Pay' box - including those for which your sponsors or award agency are responsible.
  • Make sure that only the invoices you are paying remain ticked. Remove the 'Pay' tick for all other invoices.
  • If you are not making payment in full for a particular invoice, you can edit the amount you are paying.

Once you have completed this, please click on ‘Pay Invoice’, review and confirm the payment amount and follow the process through to our secure payment screens, to complete the payment.

Payment on Account / Advance Tuition Fee Payment

Click on ‘Pay on Account’ which will take you to your payment on account screen. Click on edit and select the appropriate description relating to your payment. Click on OK, tab to ‘Amount to Pay’ and key in the value of your payment. Once you have completed this please click on ‘Pay’, check and confirm the payment, and follow the process through the secure payment screens to finalise payment.

Once you have finalised your payment a confirmation of receipt will be given to you and we would encourage you to print this off for your records.

If you have any queries please contact our Income Office at income.office@stir.ac.uk

If you experience any technical difficulties please contact our Information Centre at information.centre@stir.ac.uk

To access the on-line payment facility and progress with your payment please click on the link below.

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